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40 Amp, 220 Volt, Single Phase, Input Current Maximum: 22 Amps, Duty-Cycle: 60% at Full Power, 100% at Three Quarter Power, Rated Cut: 5/8", Sever Cut: 3/4", Weight: 20 lbs, Size: Large Lunchbox. Thanks to Inverter Technology the machine efficiency is at a level that allows for the impressive power to weight/size ratio and also affordable pricing. At last... everyone can afford to own a machine that provides industrial performance at a realistic cost.
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This machine has exactly the same parameters as the Plasma-Tec40SV with an additional feature that allows it to operate on 90 to 260 volts AC single phase, which makes it very versatile. As a worst case test we connected it to 110volts through a common 6 ft extension cord and was able to cut 1/4" steel. Do to it's efficiency it is useful even in a worst case power situation. It only weighs 20 lbs. and is about the size of a small breadbox. Just tote it around and plug it in anywhere... your in "go-mode" with this machine!
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50 Amp, 220/110 Dual-Volt, Single Phase, Input Current Maximum: 28 Amps @ 220 Volts, Duty-Cycle: 60% at Full Power, 100% at Three Quarter Power, Rated Cut: 3/4", Sever Cut: 1", Weight: 20 lbs, Size: Large Lunchbox. Thanks to Inverter Technology the extremely impressive power to weight/size ratio and affordable pricing. THIS MACHINE IS ESPECIALLY AMAZING! IMAGINE ABLE TO CUT 1" FROM A MACHINE THAT IS THE SIZE OF A LUNCHBOX AND WEIGHS ONLY 20 LBS AND OPERATES ON ANYTHING FROM 90 TO 264 VOLTS SINGLE PHASE.
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